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Salus Floradix Thyme Herb Tea (Organic) 15 Bags

Floradix Thyme Herb Tea contains organic thyme herb in unbleached filter bags which are free from all chemical additives.

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Floradix Thyme Herb Tea - 15 Bags (Organic)


Net Wt. 1.1oz (30g)


In it’s 100 year history, Salus has become one of the most experienced tea producers in the world and remains one of the few manufacturers which retain the entire production process in-house – from raw ingredients to the finished package. Expert knowledge and a great deal of care go into the production of each teabag, to bring you a premium quality herbal product, which offers a refreshing and healthy alternative to a traditional cup of tea.
Salus teas fulfil the highest criteria for quality and environmental protection: the tea bags are sealed using natural products, and are made from paper and string which are free from bleaching agents.
Pour 200ml of boiling water over filterbag and let brew for 5-10 mins. Then remove bag.
Organic thyme herb

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