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VIRIDIAN 100% Organic Cleavers Tincture 50ml

Viridians 100% Organic Cleavers tincture is made on the day of harvest with UK grown fresh Gallium aparine herb in organic ethanol

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Viridian 100% Organic Cleavers Tincture - 50ml



Viridian’s 100% Organic Cleavers tincture is made on the day of harvest with UK grown Gallium aparine herb in organic ethanol, bringing you the freshest tincture possible.


Cleavers is the definitive herb for lymphatic support and gently assists the body in eliminating excess fluid


Directions : Take 15 – 30 drops 2 – 3 times daily in a little fruit juice or water.


Ingredients: Fresh organic Cleavers herb( Gallium aparine) tincture 1:1.5 w/v in 25% organic ethanol.


Not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding




Viridian's 100% Organic Herbal Tinctures




Fresh, local, traditional, seasonal and 100% Soil Association certified organic 'limited edition' tinctures are the latest addition to the Viridian range of nutritional supplements.


Viridian's tinctures are the 'Beaujolais Nouveau' of the tincture world this year's fresh batch straight from the farm, where the plants are placed into tinctures vats within hours of harvest.


Viridian's tinctures are grown, harvested and tinctured using traditional methods in Hertfordshire and the Welsh Boarders to support local organic growers and reduce food miles.


Organic certification by a reputable body such as the Soil Association is your guarantee that you are getting a top quality product and are helping protect the environment.






Viridian is committed to charity donation
Viridian cares for you and for others at the same time. Every Viridian bottle sold generates extra funds for a selection of environmental, children's and other charities. In fact, a minimum of 50% of Viridian net profit is donated to charity guaranteed.
So not only do you care for your health and your family's health, you also help make a difference in your global community


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