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Amphora Aromatics Grapeseed Carrier Oil 250ml

Amphora Grapeseed Oil is a gentle emollient, leaving the skin with a satin finish without feeling greasy. Absorbs well into the skin.

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Amphora Aromatics Grapeseed Carrier Oil 250ml 


  • Moisturising, mildly astringent and rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E
  • A preferred carrier oil for massage and skin preparations thanks to it's regenerative and restructuring qualities


Grapeseed Oil - Vitis vinifera, is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of various varieties of Vitis vinifera grapes, an abundant by-product of winemaking.


After pressing, the oil is then refined to produce a light and highly moisturising oil. Grapeseed Oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.


Grapeseed Oil also contains linoleic acid (omega 6 essential fatty acid), and also oleic acid making it a very stable oil. The oil absorbs very quickly into the pores of the skin making this an excellent oil for a variety of skin care applications - especially when used as base carrier oil for essential oil blends.


Grapeseed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for damaged and stressed tissues because it possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities,. These allow better control of re-hydration of the skin.


Constituents/Active Ingredients 

Grapeseed Oil, contains a high percentage of linoleic acid and some vitamin E, (which helps the shelf life). 





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