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Herbal sleeping tablets


Sleep is essential to all of us and without a good night's sleep we will be unable to function to the best of our ability. Many of us suffer from sleep problems and feel the need to resort to sleeping tablets. Unlike prescription medication for sleep, herbal sleeping tablets have very few if any side effects.

Valerian is one of the most common herbs used to help with sleep problems. Valerian has carminative, hypnotic and sedative properties, making it an excellent herbal sleeping tablet. Country Living Health Store has a wide selection of herbal sleeping tablets containing Valerian.

Bio Health Goodnight Tablets: this herbal sleeping tablets is a combination of several herbs known for their calming effect

Herbs included in this herbal sleeping tablet are;

Vervain - can help with anxiety

Hops - soporific, restlessness and sleep disorders

Valerian - for difficulty in falling asleep

Wild Lettuce - sleeping disorders

Passiflora - restlessness, difficulty in sleeping

Nature's Plus Warm Milk Tablets for children: many herbal sleeping tablets are not suitable for children. Nature’s Plus has created this product just for little ones. This chewable tablet contains 167 mg of Lactium, the same protein found in the warm milk that parents have used for generations.

Potters Nodoff: this is an herbal sleeping tablet containing Passiflora. Passiflora is known for its mild sedative effects.

Potters Ana-Sed Night Time tablets: this is an herbal sleeping tablet which contains five active ingredients to help promote a good night's sleep. These ingredients are:

Hops: act as a sedative and hypnotic

Dogwood Jamaica: this is a sedative and analgesic

Wild Lettuce: is mildly sedative, analgesic and induces sleep

Passiflora: is sedative and induces sleep with spasm breaking and analgesic action

Pulsatilla: is sedative, analgesic, bactericidal and breaks spasms

For people who do not like taking herbal sleeping tablets, herbal teas and tinctures are also available to help with sleep problems.

Why not try;

A. Vogel Valerian Hops Tincture

Dr Stuarts Valerian plus tea


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