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Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach was a physician and a homeopath that developed a complete system of 38 flower remedies, each one of these Bach Flower Remedies has been prepared from flowers of wild plants, trees or bushes.


The Bach Flower Remedies are designed to support a patient's fight against illness, by addressing emotional factors such as; depression, anxiety and trauma. By using the Bach Flower Remedies to help cope with these emotional states when we are ill, it is thought to aid our physical healing. The Bach Flower remedies can also be used in a preventative way, when we are experiencing stress and anxiety, and for those who generally feel tired or unwell but do not have a specific medical diagnosis.

If needed they may be taken in conjunction with medical treatments as they will not conflict with any medication, have no side effects and are non addictive. (We would however always advise you to inform your GP/Consultant that you are taking alternative medicine if you are receiving medical treatment).


At Country Living, popular Bach Flower Remedies include: Impatiens - Keyword: Impatience Impatiens is the Bach Flower remedy for people who are easily irritated.


White Chestnut Keywords: Unwanted thoughts; Mental arguments White Chestnut is the Bach Flower remedy for people who have obsessive, worrying thoughts, which seem impossible to control.


Olive Keywords: Lack of energy Olive is the Bach Flower remedy for those who are exhausted in body and mind. This could be due to, for example, a long period of strain through personal difficulties, a long illness or nursing someone for a long time.


Hornbeam Keywords Monday morning feeling Hornbeam is the Bach Flower remedy for weariness, mental rather than physical. For those who wake up doubting their ability to face the day's work.


As well as the 38 individual Bach Flower Remedies, Dr Bach also created one remedy that contained 5 of the flower remedies, (Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis) this he called Rescue Remedy.


Rescue Remedy is the Bach Flower remedy to choose in emergency situations, for example; receiving sudden bad news, bereavement, feeling fearful or when in terror. Rescue Remedy may also be taken for a stressful event, such as; a visit to the dentist, sitting an exam, taking your driving test etc, Rescue remedy will help to calm your fear and nerves. At Country Living we regularly suggest this to our High School members of staff whilst taking their exams.


Each one of the 38 Bach Flower remedies is used for a different emotional state and it is important to choose the correct one for your situation to ensure it works for you.


Several simple books and leaflets are available to help you choose your Bach Flower Remedies. The 38 Flower Remedies details each remedy and how it can help with emotional problems.


In addition to the Bach Flower Remedies, there is Rescue Cream which is very useful as a healing ointment for dry and chapped skin. Rescue remedy is also now available in a convenient spay form. New to the Bach Flower Remedies range are Rescue Pastilles.


Whilst Dr Bach may have passed away over 70 years ago his range of Flower Remedies continues to help many thousands of people each day and will no doubt continue to do so for many more years to come. Buy all the above from Country Living Health Store and online at

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