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Herbal Tinctures

What is a herbal tincture?

A herbal tincture is an alcohol extract of a herb, resulting in a liquid format that is taken orally. Herbal tinctures have been used throughout the centuries by herbalists, as one of the most effective ways of getting a herbal remedy into the body.


Why use alcohol?

Alcohol is used as an extraction agent because it is able to extract both water and fat-soluble substances, which covers all the composite elements within plants.


Why use fresh herbs?

The best herbal tinctures are made using fresh herbs. When a herb is fresh it offers its fullest potency and has not yet lost any of its qualities. As herbs dry out they decay and lose potency. This is most vividly understood by comparing fresh parsley with the dried version. No matter how relatively young your dried parsley is, it will never achieve the fresh taste and piquancy of the original herb, bursting with nutrients and taste.


One of the best known brands of herbal tinctures is A.Vogel. The Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel believed that a number of basic holistic principles were necessary to ensure the best herbal medicines were produced: fresh herbs, organic cultivation, pure seeds, fresh air, rain, sunshine, holistic standardisation and of course no animal testing. These principles are passionately adhered to today.


Within a very few hours of harvesting, the plants find themselves at the first stage of their journey to becoming a fresh herb tincture. This transformation uses a time-honoured and painstaking processing method.


By using their herbs immediately, they ensure that the active substances present are still at their peak and avoid any need for storage, fumigation or irradiation.


By using alcohol they are able to achieve a well balanced extract, locking in all the beneficial properties present in the freshly harvested herb.


The result of this careful and gentle handling from seed to selection, through organic cultivation, to the use of fresh herbs and the creation of tincture filled with all the active substances, is the world renowned, holistically standardised A.Vogel fresh herb tinctures such as Echinaforce. Echinaforce is the fresh herb tincture of Echinacea purpurea and is used to treat colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections.


Another excellent range of herbal tinctures are produced by Viridian Nutrition.


Viridian's herbal tinctures are grown, harvested and herbally tinctured using traditional methods in Hertfordshire and the Welsh Boarders to support local organic growers Organic certification by a reputable body such as the Soil Association is your guarantee that you are getting a top quality product and are helping protect the environment. Herbal tinctures in this range include Avena Sativa for relaxation, Californian Poppy for sleep problems (Especially suited to children), Sage herbal tincture for menopausal symptoms, Horse chestnut for varicose veins, Valerian for anxiety and stress, cleavers for lymphatic drainage and feverfew for migraines and headaches.

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