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You can now buy health foods online from healthstore.uk.com the online shop of Country Living Health Store in  Poynton Cheshire. One of the latest additions to their range is the freeze dried mixed berry mix from Food for Mind and Body. This combination of mixed berries provides a wonderful source of many important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other active compounds. As such they are regarded as natures super fruit having a long tradition of nutritional and medicinal use. These berries can be added to cereals, porridge, smoothies and yoghurts etc. Another berry with wonderful health benefits is the Goji Berry. Until recently little has been known in the western world about Goji Berries and the many health benefits that this little red miracle fruit has to offer. Goji Berries are packed full of vitamins, polysaccarides, proteins, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids.


You can also buy health foods online such as Spirulina, a blue green algae, Propolis, a truly remarkable health food, Manuka Honey with its amazing range of healing properties, Brewers Yeast, full of B vitamins and Probiotics and Prebiotics to help after a course of antibiotics or spanish tummy.



You can buy this health food online in the form of tablets, capsules and powder. Spirulina is a powerhouse of natural proteins, plant pigments, vitamins and minerals which researchers believe may just be the perfect food. It can enhance the health and energy levels of many people and is the worlds richest whole food source of energy-giving nutrients including easily absorbed Iron, Phycocyanin, GLA and pure high quality complete protein.



Propolis is a sap-like substance, gathered by bees from the leaf buds or bark of trees, especially poplars. Bees use propolis to seal up holes in the hive and is referred to as a bee glue, Scientists the world over have found that this same propolis taken as a natural health food has powerful antibiotic activities. You can buy Propolis health foods online from healthstore.uk.com in the form of capsules and liquids.


Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey, such as the range from Spirits Bay, is harvested from the traditional Maori land of the far North of New Zealand and has an amazing range of healing applications. It will:

  1. Stimulate the immune system to fight infection
  2. Help rehydrate the body after diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach upsets
  3. Promote healing and tissue growth
  4. Support natural body defences

Again, you can buy health foods online such as Spirits Bay Manuka honey from healthstore.uk.com. If you want to buy health foods online to help after a course of antibiotics or upset tummy, consider one of the many probiotic health food supplements available. Probiotics may be taken during and following a course of antibiotics which kill of both harmful and friendly bacteria in the gut. Probiotics promote a healthy balance of good bacteria supporting health, digestion and immunity.

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