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Men are less likely than women to pay attention to their well-being, especially how it can be affected or improved by diet and lifestyle. According to recent research, men still drink and smoke more than women, although the gap is narrowing. This combination of factors mean that men’s health is generally well below optimum level. Fortunately, there are many ways in which these men’s health issues can be addressed. stock a vast range of quality vitamins, minerals and health supplements to help with men’s health and correct any nutritional deficiencies.


If you suffer from stress make sure you get enough B vitamins in your diet or take a good quality supplement such as Solgar’s Megasorb B, or Quest Mega-B 50. Vitamin C is a great stress reliever, and boosts immunity, making you fitter and healthier. Ginseng is an excellent “adaptogenic” herb, which means that it lifts you when you are tired, and relaxes you when you are stressed. It also works on the immune system and energizes.


Men who are athletic will need extra magnesium, at 200mg per day, and a good antioxidant preparation.

Because heart disease is still more common in men, supplements to insure a healthy heart will be useful. It is recommended that all men take a garlic supplement daily, and get plenty of antioxidants, which can help to prevent oxidative damage to the heart.


Men with a reduced sperm count will benefit from extra Vitamin C (1000mg spread over three doses on a daily basis). They should also take extra zinc (15 to 20mg daily.)


An excellent general men’s health supplement is Wellman by Vitabiotics. Wellman has been specially developed to help maintain general health and vitality in men of all ages. Wellman is a comprehensive formulation of 28 essential bio-elements. The advanced formula provides the nutrients a man may need to help maintain energy release, make the critical difference in reactions, speed and mental alertness, or to help maintain reproductive health.


Another excellent supplement for men’s health is Potenzia by Lifeplan. Potenzia contains a high level of the mineral Zinc to help support the male reproductive tract as well as helping to maintain a healthy immune system Uva Ursi and nettle extracts have been included in this men’s health formula to help support the urinary tract and improve urine flow. This formula has been further enhanced with the important high strength herbal extracts of Saw Palmetto, pygeum africanum and lycopene to help maintain a healthy prostate gland.

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