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Health Food Shops

Modern health food shops offer more products and services than you would imagine. The image of drab, musty-smelling shops full of endless shelves of inedible chewy bars is thankfully a thing of the past. Spurred on by the rising popularity of alternative food and medicines, many health food shops have added various services to their range, such as food intolerance and bone density testing, aromatherapy and sports nutrition.

Todays health food shops offer the public safe food that is good for them, together with herbs and health supplements to enhance the way they live. They will stock organic food, free from chemicals and pesticides, together with a range of gluten free, wheat free, dairy and sugar free products for allergy sufferers. health food shops will also offer a range of diabetic foods and foods suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You will find healthy dried fruits full of fibre, and nuts and seeds high in minerals and omega-3 essential fatty acids to keep your heart healthy. health food shops will also have a wide range of healthy alternatives to tea and coffee. These include such things as cereal beverages, dandelion coffee and herbal and fruit teas.

Here at Country Living you will find an extensive range of all of the above, together with honey from around the world (including Manuka honey in strengths ranging from 5+ to 25+). Our dried fruits and nuts, muesli, herbs and spices and yoghurt and chocolate coated snacks are freshly packed on the premises.

Health food shops will also offer a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products and will usually stock cruelty free cosmetics. At Country Living we have an extensive range of Ecover environmentally friendly cleaning products and cruelty free cosmetics from Beauty without Cruelty.

Depressed with the state of the NHS and looking for an alternative cure, consumers are increasingly turning to health food shops . Here at Country Living we have knowledgeable staff who can help and advise on the vast array of products we sell.

Health food shops will usually have a much wider range of supplements and herbal remedies than other outlets. They will stock products from trustworthy manufacturers who have strict quality control procedures in place, allowing you to purchase with confidence.
Country Living stocks products from reputable manufacturers such as Doves Farm, Epicure, Meridian, Solgar, Quest, A.Vogel (formerly Bioforce), Natures Plus, Bio-Health, Viridian, Pharma Nord, Natures Aid, Lifeplan and many more.

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