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Natural Health Products

The best way to stay healthy in old age is to prevent disease before it starts. Remember that it is in wholesome Natural Health Products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses that vitamins, minerals and trace elements are found and not in processed or pre-packaged goods

Health food store shelves are full of Natural Health Products to help us live a long and active life.

Here you will find organic flour, pasta, beverages, dried fruit, nuts and pulses etc. free from harmful pesticides and additives.

At certain times we may want to increase our consumption of foods high in particular vitamins. For example, an increase in health food products containing vitamin B such as whole grains, leafy green vegetables, eggs, milk and yeast extract could help if we are under stress. If we feel our immune system is compromised then we should increase levels of vitamin C rich foods. Many fruits contain high levels of vitamin C including citrus fruits and kiwi fruit. Vegetables, including peppers also contain high levels of vitamin C. Eating health food products rich in vitamin C can also help those of us who bruise easily, are slow to heal and suffer from excessive tiredness.

There will be times however when we cannot obtain sufficient vitamins through food alone. We can then turn to the vast array of supplements available from health food stores. These natural health supplements can help us obtain higher levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements which can be very beneficial during times of illness for example.

Natural Health Products from Quest Vitamins are manufactured using only the finest ingredients. All products are free from artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, sucrose, lactose and yeast. Their herbal formulas do not contain any irradiated herbs. Herbs are subject to mould growth and a common method to control this is to irradiate the herb material. Quest works with growers and extractors to obtain high quality potent herbs without the use of irradiation. All Quest Natural Health Products are also free from hydrogenated fats which have been linked with an increased risk of heart disease. Natural Health Products from manufacturers such as Solgar, Bio-Health, A.Vogel, Nature's Plus and Nature's Aid are also produced using only top quality ingredients.

At Country Living you will find Natural Health Products to suit all ages. In addition to the extensive range of wholesome foods and natural health supplements, you will also find Natural Health Products to help with body and hair care, together with cruelty free make up and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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