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Natural Health Supplement

Food supplements usually come in the form of capsules, tablets, liquids, powders or ampules, but there are a number of recognized all-natural foods that have a highly beneficial healing effect on the body and can be considered as a natural health supplements. These natural health supplements act as nutritional powerhouses in helping to build resistance to the ravages of illness.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil has emerged as one of the best natural health supplements for boosting overall health. In the last 30 years research has focused on a family of essential fatty acids (EFAs), fats that your body needs daily but can't make itself, called omega-3s. The healthiest of all dietary fats, omega-3s have been shown to ease joint pain, protect the heart, sharpen memory, and improve mood. In fish oil there are two Omega-3s at work: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Today's fast and processed foods have nearly squeezed Omega-3s out of the diet and therefore taking fish oil as a natural health supplements will ensure an adequate supply of these important nutrients. If you are a strict vegetarian, taking Omega-3 in fish oil is not an option, but there are choices. Flaxseed oil is the most common vegetarian source of Omega-3s.


Garlic, long considered a natural health supplement for the cardiovascular system, is a prime concentrated source of many nutrients, partly due to its high sulphur content. Garlic is a natural health supplements that has been used all over the world to treat coughs, toothaches, earaches, fungal infections and poor circulation. Before the advent of antibiotics, garlic was widely used to combat infections.


Lecithin is a natural health supplement usually taken from defatted soya beans, whose chief power is in being a phospholipids; that is, melting away body fat and keeping cholesterol in check.


Spirulina Blue Green Algae: Spirulina is a naturally occurring food which consists of at least 60% vegetable protein. It also contains the most extraordinary concentration of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients. It contains more functional nutrients than in any other plant, grain, food or herb known to man. Rich in chlorophyll (a pigment found in green plants which absorbs light and converts into energy), this naturally occurring plant could be considered as the building block for life itself. Spirulina also contains:

  • Enzymes - Which play a crucial role in metabolic function and therefore energy levels.
  • Numerous vitamins - Particularly B12, often lacking in strict vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Beta carotene - The content is 10 times greater than found in carrots.
  • Minerals - Such as iron and magnesium which can be easily taken into the cells of the body after digestion and absorption.
  • Essential Fatty Acids - Such as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).


Propolis a truly remarkable natural health supplement: Propolis is a sap-like substance, gathered by bees from the leaf buds or bark of trees, especially poplars. Bees use propolis to seal up holes in the hive and is referred to as "bee glue". Scientists the world over have found that this same propolis taken as a natural health supplements, has powerful antibiotic activities. It is available as a tablet, capsule, cream or liquid, and also in cough syrups and chest rubs. It is the all - natural health supplements from the beehive

All of the above natural health supplements can be purchased from Country Living Health Store or from our online shop

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