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Alternative Health Supplement

Today more people than ever are taking alternative health supplements. Numerous studies have demonstrated that most people consume a diet inadequate in nutritional value and that an alternative health supplements makes them feel healthier.

Dealing with hazards of modern living may be another reason why many people take an alternative health supplements.  Environmental and lifestyle factors can destroy vitamins and minerals. For example, it is known that smokers require at least twice as much vitamin C as do non smokers. Smokers should therefore consider an alternative health supplements . We should also consider the effect of alcohol consumption, food additives, heavy metals, carbon monoxide, and other chemicals associated with our modern society that are known to interfere with nutrient function.


The very term, alternative health supplements, denotes that the beneficial compounds are supplementary measures to good health. A person cannot make up for poor dietary habits, a negative attitude, and a lack of exercise by taking pills whether the pills are drugs or alternative health supplements.


The need for alternative health supplements is being confirmed and validated by scientists the world over. Just as our foods lose their vitality and spark of life, so do our bodies slowly wither on the vine. Aging is no longer the bane of the over-fifty group. It is to be seen in youngsters who may have a calendar age of eighteen but have various problems that were formerly confined to the elderly.


Health stores are committed to your well-being and supply a range of quality foods and alternative health supplements to help you live a long and healthy life. In addition to essential nutrients (e.g. vitamins and minerals) there are a number of food components and natural physiological agents that have demonstrated impressive health-promoting effects when taken as alternative health supplements. These include flavonoids (e.g. quercetin, rutin, green tea), probiotics and coenzyme Q10. These alternative health supplements exert significant therapeutic effects with little, if any toxicity. These alternative health supplements can play a major role in preventing illness.


At Country Living we have health supplements from all of the major manufacturers and our staff are always willing to help and advise on the best health supplement for your needs.

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