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Health Food Supplement

Today more people than ever are taking a health food supplements. The idea that a well-balanced diet is essential for a healthy body is nothing new. But despite the knowledge that proper nutrition can help us experience good health, few of us put this theory fully into practice. For instance, experts agree that we need at least five good portions of fruit and vegetables a day to provide vital vitamins and minerals. However, the vast majority of us eat less than half this amount. As a nation we've become much more reliant on processed 'convenience' foods, which can lose essential nutrients along the way.

Much of our food today has been robbed of its natural elements until it is perhaps 'taste-tempting' but otherwise undesirable in terms of holistic health. This lifeless, polluted food drenches your body with chemicals that serve to hasten the onset of many ailments. Because of this nutrient loss resulting from chemical farming and processing, there is a pressing need to obtain essential elements from good food sources and from health food supplement . The need for health food supplement is being confirmed and validated by scientists the world over.

It is also worth remembering that those of us who put our bodies through more physical and mental demands than average may benefit from not only ensuring that our diet consists predominately of health foods, but also to add a daily health food supplement into their diet as a precautionary measure. After all prevention is better than cure. At certain times, e.g. during or after illness, we may have an extra need for nutrients over and above the supply normally available from our diet. Multivitamin and mineral supplements can help to meet this extra need. Even a good, 'balanced diet' cannot always supply all the vitamins and minerals we require when we have special needs.

Many groups of people are known to have extra requirements for vitamins and minerals and will therefore benefit from a health food supplement.

  • Those on restricted diets, e.g. coeliacs, diabetics, vegans food allergy suffers etc.
  • People with poor appetites, e.g. the elderly and the infirm
  • People with digestive disorders
  • Slimmers (reduced calorie intake leads to poorer nutrient levels)
  • Smokers and drinkers (extra need of antioxidants, in particular)
  • Athletes and very active people

Here at Country Living we are committed to your well-being and supply a range of quality foods and health food supplement to help you live a long and healthy life. We supply health supplements which may help to boost your body's defences against infections and other minor illnesses, especially in the winter, health supplements to help with digestive problems (probiotics, digestive enzymes etc), health supplements to help when hair, skin or nails are in poor condition and health supplements to help with joints, bones and muscles.

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