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OBBEKJAERS Oil of Peppermint - 150 Tablets

Obbekjaers Oil of Peppermint Tablets are helpful for indigestion and to maintain digestive comfort. Also used for a healthy circulation

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OBBEKJAERS Oil of Peppermint 150 tablets


Peppermint Oil for Indigestion is popular with people who wish to maintain digestive comfort and a healthy circulation. Peppermint has been used with great success to calm indigestion and flatulence.  


It has a slightly anaesthetic effect on the nerves of the stomach, which helps decrease appetite, soothe stomach spasms and quell nausea, particularly from motion sickness.  


Active Ingredients . Dextrose monohydrate,17.2mg of oil of peppermint (BF 2111). Inactive Ingredients . Silicon dioxide, talc and magnesium stearate.  


Instructions for use : 2 tablets three times daily after meals. Swallow with a little water.






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