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Lifeplan Slippery Elm 230mg 50 Capsules

Lifeplan Slippery Elm Capsules contain 230mg Powdered Slippery Elm Bark. No Additives. Can be made into a drink

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Lifeplan Slippery Elm 230mg x 50 Capsules   


These Lifeplan Slippery Elm 230mg capsules contain only dried powdered Slippery Elm bark in a hard capsule shell to maintain the potency. No additives of any kind are used in the manufacturing process. The bark is pure and entirely natural.   


Slippery Elm has a soothing effect on irritations of the respiratory tract, stomach and gastrointestinal tract


Nutrition Information:

Each capsule typically provides 
230mg Powdered Slippery Elm Bark.



Powdered Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra), Vegetarian Capsule Shell (HydroxypropylMethylcellulose)


Dosage . Take one or two Lifeplan Slippery Elm capsules as required. Can also be made into a drink.


As a Drink:

Mix the contents of a Lifeplan Slippery Elm 230mg capsules to a smooth paste with cold water and then slowly add boiling water (or milk if preferred), stirring briskly


Pure fill powder
Can be opened to make a herbal tea
Contains no excipients or additives
Registered with the Vegan Society





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