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Biomagnetic Aromatherapy Oil 15ml - F. Brittle Nails, Dry Skin, Psoriasis

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The Art of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can improve the way we feel by the use of essential oils, distilled from certain plants.


These aromatic oils may be taken from the root, stem, leaves, flowers or the fruit of the plant.


The oils from plants grown organically or in the wild possess the most beneficial qualities. When selected and blended in the optimum proportion they can enhance the way we feel.


Natural and Effective

Only the purest essential oils available are used to product these Biomagnetic Aromatherapy Massage Oils. These oils are from aromatic plants and herbs are highly concentrated, and different oils can improve our well-being in different ways.


We can enhance the way we feel by using particular blends of oils in specific ratios to soothe or invigorate, to warm or cool, to stimulate or relax.


The Highest Quality

The Biomagnetic Aromatherapy Massage Oils are blended in high quality sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin E – a natural preservative.


From the day the plants are gathered until the day you open the amber bottle, the oils are protected from the light. Once open, keep in a cool dark place to preserve their potency and use within two years of purchase.


Can anyone use them?

Biomagnetic Aromatherapy use only essentials oils that are considered in dilution to be safe for general use and for pregnant mothers, babies and children, so anyone can use the oils with confidence.


Citrus oils form less than 1% of any blend, and the combined dilution of essential oils is the generally recommended maximum of 3%.


Do not ingest or apply too near to the eyes. As a precaution against any possible misuse, keep the bottle out of the reach of young children.


The Science of Biomagnetism

Biomagnetic Aromatherapy Massage Oils are not like conventional blends of essential oils. They are enhanced by a unique magnetic process.


Using a principle analogous to that of homeopathy, these oils are infused with magnetic potencies which can activate the subtle energy system of the body.

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