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Amphora Aromatics Epsom Salts 1kg in Plastic Jar

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Amphora Aromatics Epsom Salts 1kg in Plastic Jar



• Relaxing, de-stressing and exfoliating, A tried and trusted natural remedy
• Add to a bath, use as a soak or add to a cream


The potential benefits of Epsom Salts are many and varied.

Probably most commonly used as a soak - simply add a generous scoop of Epsom Salts to your bath and lie back and relax. The Epsom Salts will be readily absorbed by your skin allowing the magnesium to reduce inflammation, improve the operation of muscles and nerves and prevent hardening of the arteries. Meanwhile the sulphate works to flush out toxins and increase the absorption of nutrients.

An Epsom Salts bath can help to reduce water retention and also bloating of the stomach - so it's no surprise that an Epsom Salts Bath is a favoured way for models to prepare themselves the night before a photo shoot. Athletes often take a Salts bath the night before a race. A Salts bath is also a good way of getting rid of a hangover, again thanks to the toxins being removed from the body.

Epsom Salts work to relieve stress by replenishing the level of magnesium in the body. This in turn increases the production of serotonin, a chemical naturally produced by the body that acts as a mood booster and creates a feeling of calmness thus helping you to relax more deeply. Magnesium also works at a cellular level to increase energy and also decrease the impact of adrenalin. This encourages higher concentration levels and improves sleep.

Epsom Salts also work as a detoxifying agent. The sulphates help to flush toxins and heavy metals from your body because adding the Salts to your bath starts a process known as reverse osmosis. Try taking a bath using the Salts at least once a week and soak for 10-15 minutes.

You may find that soaking your feet in dissolved Epsom Salts helps them to recover from a hard day. Used in this way the Salts can also help to treat the symptoms of Athlete's Foot and act as a deodoriser too. A soak can also help to relieve toenail fungus as well as draw out splinters from the hands and fingers

To use as an exfoliator, simply add a handful of Salts to a tablespoon of carrier oil (Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba etc) and rub all over your skin. It is best to do this in the shower or bath and you should make sure to thoroughly rinse the salt off when finished. Alternatively you can add half a teaspoon to your normal cleansing cream). Massage gently into the skin and then wash away with cold water.

Epsom salts are also very useful around the house.

To create your own handwash, mix the salts with baby oils (you can also add essential oils - the citrus ones are always good in the kitchen) and keep in pump action bottle near the sink. The Salts will even repel slugs - simply place a small mount near entry points.

Epsom  can also be used in the garden. Plants need Magnesium and Sulphate to stay healthy and these two chemicals also enhance the action of most plant foods. Simply sprinkle the Salts once weekly to help your plants. 2 tablespoons of the salts added to 1 gallon of water before watering your lawn will help to keep it green and lush and you can even use them instead of insecticide plant sprays.



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