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EnergyDOT Wi-fiDOT Radio Frequency Harmoniser

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EnergyDOT Wi-fiDOT Radio Frequency Harmoniser


From Phiharmonics Limited




We are immersed in radiation from wifi routers; at home, at school and at work. The wi-fiDOT is specifically programmed for high output transmitter equipment, and works by harmonising the emissions from the device to make them more compatible to your body’s own natural frequencies, alleviating the unpleasant symptoms associated with wi-fi exposure. Simple stick a wi-fiDOT onto your router. The wi-fiDOT carries the CE Mark of approval. 

Wireless routers and mobile phone base stations are powerful transmitters of radio frequency information which can affect your health. The wi-fiDOT is programmed to harmonise these frequencies to a resonance which is more compatible with the natural environment, reducing the toxic effects. They can be used in the home, office or any public hotspot location.


Health benefits of using wifiDOTs include deeper sleep, reduced stress and an increased sense of overall well-being.

The wi-fiDOT is programmed to harmonise radio frequency radiation (RFRs) emitted by high output transmitting equipment including:


• wi-fi routers

• base stations


wi-fiDOTs are simple to use, sticking easily and securely to equipment, without affecting the functionality of the device.


wi-fiDOT users enjoy:

• Greater concentration
• More energy
• Relief from tension
• Better sleep
• Fewer headaches
• Less stress


What to DOT

Peel off the yellow backing and stick your wi-fiDOT to the clean, dry outer casing of the wireless router. The wi-fiDOT can be used in the home, office or public hotspot locations



Phi energyDOTs

The DOTs are 17mm magnetic discs which have been programmed with naturally inspired frequencies. They're supercharged with subtle energy to balance and strengthen your biofield. They also help relieve the negative effects of the electronic technologies to which we are all exposed.


Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are all around us. Today's electronic equipment which helps us can also harm us by emitting artificial electromagnetic frequencies. These emissions are subtle, silent and invisible. They flow through us and interfere with the essential electrical communication between cells in our bodies. Daily exposure can have an adverse effect on our health.


Good vibrations


phi frequencies are natural and coherent. The DOTs hold and emit energy frequencies which organise and harmonise our biofield and man-made electromagnetic frequencies. Scientific research continues to demonstrate these effects and the benefits they brings us.


Different DOTs have different roles. Wear a bioDOT under your watch, stick an electroDOT on your electronic equipment, and a wi-fiDOT on your wireless router.


All information supplied by Phiharmonics Limited

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