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Medicinal Cookery by Dale Pinnock Bsc

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Medicinal Cookery by Dale Pinnock


Eat Yourself Better!

How you can benefit from nature's edible pharmacy


Dale Pinnock, the UK’s first Medicinal Chef, explains how the healing power of foods stretches even beyond the realms of vitamins and minerals, and involves a far more complex and beautifully wondrous group of biological compounds - phytochemicals. He shows how, when delivered in the right way, many of these compounds can work in a very similar way to medicinal plants and even pharmaceutical drugs, but minus the side-effects. He highlights the benefits of each food and shows how to prepare dishes and recipes that are not only delicious but have a medicinal property that makes them a powerful addition to someone's overall disease treatment plan, be this orthodox medical treatment or natural therapies. He includes recipes for all common health disorders, including problems with digestion, the heart and circulation, the immune and nervous systems, and joints and skin disorders.


Understand how food has a major and profound impact on our ability to heal


Fun and delicious recipes that target many of today’s common chronic disorders


Help for digestive problems, heart and circulation conditions, issues concerning the immune and nervous systems, and joint and skin disorders.


DALE PINNOCK BSc (Hons) regularly features in the media spreading the message that food can be a most powerful medicine


‘I was very impressed by this book. Dale’s expertise as a qualified nutritionist shines through, as well as his kitchen expertises. It’s an unusual combination of nutritionist and chef in one author’

Dr Chris Steele MBE from ITV’s This Morning

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