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Bewleys Gold Blend Tea - 80 Tea Bags

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Tea Production

Tea Production

Tea is grown in the warmer climates of the World, in India , China , Sri lanka and Kenya . Much of the tea drunk in Ireland today originates in Kenya .


Tea is still picked mainly by hand. The reason for this is that only the sweeter, tender leaves on the tea trees are suitable for use and machinery will not replace the knowledge of the skilled picker. Once the tea leaves are harvested, they are laid out in large drying areas to reduce the water content.


The next stage in the process is the rolling and cutting of the leaves, in order to release the natural juices that give the tea the flavour that is recognised all around the World.



The tea is cut into very small leaves for use in tea bags and is left in larger sizes for loose tea. The tea is then cooled in a large fermenting room for between 3 and 5 hours. This process allows the tea leaves to oxidize and take on its final colour and flavour.


Finally, the tea is placed in the drying room where warm air removes the remaining moisture. The tea is then packed and shipped to Bewleys where it is packed and distributed all around the country for drinking.

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