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SPATONE Liquid Iron - 28 One-a-Day Sachets

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SPATONE – 28 handy one-a-day sachets (28 x 20ml)


100% Natural liquid iron supplement 

Iron-rich water straight from the source

Your gentle daily iron provider


Iron is an essential mineral for carrying oxygen around your body and maintaining good health. Spatone Iron is naturally in water, so it’s easily and gently absorbed by your body. It should not cause certain side effects (stomach irritation and constipation) associated with high supplemental iron intakes.


One sachet of Spatone, or up to two during pregnancy, should fulfil your daily requirement for iron


Nutritional Information : typical analysis of Spatone per sachet 


 Energy   0kcal   

 Carbohydrates 0g  

 Fat   0g  

 Iron (Fe)  5mg(36% of RDA*) 


 *The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is based on iron absorption from a typical diet. However, the high absorption of ferrous iron in Spatone means it should still fulfil your additional daily requirement.


Ingredients: Natural water with a high content of iron sulphate


Do not exceed recommended use.

Keep out of the reach of small children



As the world’s most common nutritional disorder¹, isn’t it worth finding out if you’re getting enough iron?



Feeling tired all the time or looking a bit pale?

This could be attributed to iron deficiency. To restore your iron levels effectively, try Spatone. It is a completely natural liquid iron supplement and due to its exceptionally high level of absorbency (up to 40%²), it shouldn’t cause any of the gastrointestinal side-effects commonly associated with conventional iron supplements such as constipation, diarrhoea and nausea. It is ideal for use during pregnancy.


Safe and gentle Spatone can be taken every day

Ideal for those intolerant to solid iron tablets

One sachet should fulfil your RDA of iron

Suitable for anyone over 2 years old

Easy to take. Spatone can be taken alone or mixed with fruit juice (vitamin C aids absorption)



What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?


Common signs of iron deficiency include:



Shortness of breath

Pale skin



Altered taste

Difficulty swallowing if long term iron deficient



Who needs extra iron?


Pregnant Women

With iron requirement doubling or even tripling during pregnancy, it is vital that mothers-to-be supplement their iron intake to keep up with the demand. Post pregnancy, an iron boost can help maintain energy and production of milk.




Growth spurts, poor dietary choices and higher activity levels mean that teenagers are at high risk of iron deficiency. Teenage girls need to pay particular attention, as their iron stores are depleted each month following menstruation.


Athletes & those exercising regularly.


In order to maximise oxygen delivery, which is crucial to achieving peak physical performance, the body needs iron. The iron needs of those exercising can consequently be 30% greater than those who don’t, so it is vital that they consume the recommended amount.


Vegetarians & Vegans


Since the type of iron found in red meat is particularly well absorbed by the body, non-meat eaters have to be careful about their iron levels. Spatone is an ideal substitute for this group and is Vegetarian Society approved.




As we grow in age, our capacity to absorb iron diminishes. This, coupled with poor appetite can mean that iron levels aren’t as high as they should be and need to be supplemented.





Iron is necessary for general well-being. It helps fight fatigue and keeps our energy levels up.



¹ World Health Organisation , “Micronutrient Disorders”, Iron Deficiency Anaemia


² Worwood M (University of Wales College of Medicine) et al., “iron absorption from a natural mineral water (spatone iron)” in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 1996 18 23-27

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