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Natures Aid Coconut Oil for hair & scalp 100g

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Natures Aid Coconut Oil 100g   



Coconut oil is a white or part-white solid substance with an oily feel. It is prepared by expressing the oil from the dried solid part of the endosperm of the coconut which is the fruit of Cocos nucifera.


Nature's Aid Coconut Oil is one of nature's finest oils. It has a variety of uses and is ideal for the skin and scalp. 


Directions: Apply with finger tips or melt gently and then apply.   


Suggestions if using for a dry scalp or as a hair conditioner

1) Warm the Coconut Oil in the jar, in a bowl of hot water until it is in a liquid form.

2) After checking that the temperature is not too high, apply some liquid Coconut Oil to the scalp and rub in well.

3) Place a shower cap (or plastic bag, held in position with a towel) over the hair, so that the scalp is kept warm.

4) After approximately 15 minutes, apply plenty of your usual shampoo BEFORE wetting your hair. Work shampoo well into scalp and hair to break down the oil.

5) Rinse shampoo and oil away.


Ingredients: Pure Coconut Oil. Contains No Additives   



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