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Dr Stuarts Tranquility Tea - 15 Enveloped Bags

A calming herbal infusion including hawthorn and lime flowers to provide a wave of serenity - includes herbs to Pharmacop�ial Grade D.A.B.10

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 Dr. Stuarts Tranquility Botanical Tea - 15 Enveloped Bags


Naturally caffeine free - includes herbs to Pharmacopœial Grade D.A.B.10

A relaxing tea with hawthorn and lime flowers

Adults: One sachet in a cup of hot water not more than four times per day. Not suited to the taste of children

Pour boiling water onto the tea bag and allow to stand for FIVE minutes. Natural botatincal teas take longer to infuse properly. use one bag for a cup and two for a large mug

limeflowers* (3.5%), Hawthorn Berries (3.5%), Yarrow* (10%), Fennel*, Scullcap
*Pharmacop œial D.A.B. 10 Grade herbs





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