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This generally temporary illness often develops after a cold or flu. However, for some people (particularly smokers) Bronchitis is a serious, recurring disease. Acute and chronic symptoms are similar and may be effectively relieved with the use of certain supplements.


Acute Bronchitis often follows a cold or flu; it is seldom caused by bacterial infection, so it may not be helped by antibiotics.

Chronic Bronchitis occurs when the lungs have been irritated for a long time. The primary cause of chronic Bronchitis is smoking. People with long term exposure to tobacco smoke, workers routinely exposed to chemical fumes and individuals with chronic allergies are also susceptible.


How supplements can help


A daily multivitamin and multimineral supplement may help to ward off colds and related infections which can lead to Bronchitis. In addition other supplements can help to strengthen the body’s immune response, and also stimulate its normal process of loosening and bringing up phlegm.

Vitamin C is particularly helpful in fighting off viruses that attack the respiratory system and assists in the healing of damaged lung tissue. Take it in a form that contains bioflavonoids which are natural antivirals and anti-inflammatories.

The amino-acid-like substance NAC also thins mucus and has been reported to reduce the recurrence rate of bronchitis.

The herbs Echinacea and Astragalus have antibacterial, antiviral and immune strengthening properties, and they can be used to ward off acute Bronchitis.



Did you know?


Chronic Bronchitis is more common in the UK than it is anywhere else in the world. It is the second most frequent cause of lost working days, accounting for more than 30 million lost each year.

Eliminate the use of aerosol products which can irritate airway passages.


Drink plenty of fluids, such as diluted fruit juices and herbal teas. Dehydration can cause mucus to thicken and be difficult to cough up.



If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking any supplements


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