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Travel Sickness /Ailments

Travel sickness/Ailments


Motion sickness, the effects of jet lag and the occasional stomach upset are common travellers’ complaints. Luckily, however, they are usually short lived.


Most of us have at one time experienced dizziness or nausea when travelling by road, air or sea. Anyone who has taken a long distance flight will be familiar with the fatigue and disrupted sleep patterns caused by jet lag.

Travel sickness occurs when the eyes try to focus on constantly moving scenery while the inner ear, which helps to orientate the body to movement, sends conflicting signals to the brain.

Jet lag occurs when we travel through different time zones and our body’s natural rhythms do not synchronise with actual time. Other travel ailments, such as diarrhoea are usually the result of a viral or bacterial infection, caused by consuming contaminated food or water.


How Supplements can help


Fresh or preserved Ginger is very effective at preventing and treating the nausea associated with travel sickness and mild vertigo. It takes effect almost immediately, and has none of the side effects of conventional drugs.

Magnesium is a good general tonic for calming the nerves, which can ease travel sickness; Vitamin B6 can also help to relieve the feelings of nausea.

Peppermint oil, in all its forms, may also be used, try drinking peppermint tea, taking a drop of oil on the tongue or inhaling the oil from a tissue.

To combat the fatigue of jet lag, Chinese ginseng is a good general tonic which can be taken alongside other remedies.

To prevent diarrhoea, try taking a probiotic supplement before and during your trip, to increase the good gut bacteria.

Wrist bands that press on an acupressure point on the wrist can also be helpful to many nausea sufferers.



Did you know?


Although travel sickness can be prevented it is hard to cure. Try taking any remedy before symptoms start to appear.


Dizziness and travel sickness can be made worse by stress and anxiety. One solution is to practice yoga or meditation techniques in addition to taking the supplements.


To prevent jet lag, avoid drinking alcohol and increase the amount of water you drink, but try to avoid caffeine.



If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking any supplements

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Ginger has been used as a supplement since the mid-14th century. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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Mouthwatering Ginger Fruits all natural fruit drops blended with the finest ginger oil to ensure a truly sublime taste sensation, warming yet fruity.
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Sugar and Gluten Free. A mouthwatering combination of the finest ginger oils blended with all natural citrus flavours to give you a sublime guilt free taste sensation. Also recommended for travel sickness and motion sickness
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Sugar & Gluten Free. A mouthwatering blend of the finest ginger oils give you a sublime guilt-free taste sensation. Also Recommended for travel sickness & motion sickness
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Simpkins Mandarin & Lime Drops with Ginger are perfect for enjoying on a long drive. Ginger has been used to help and alleviate the symptoms of travel and motion sickness for centuries. All natural colours and flavours
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Full Potency Ginger Root (Zingiber officinalis) 520mg. One of Solgar's premium quality botanical formulas containing standardised extracts.
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