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The role of the digestive system is to digest and absorb nutrients taken in as food, and unless it does this efficiently, optimum health is unlikely, however good the diet is. Enzymes must first break down the food consumed, into its component molecules ready for absorption in the small intestine. The efficient break down of food is essential to release vital nutrients. These nutrients must then be absorbed through often quite complex biochemical processes, which transport the nutrient molecules across the gut wall.


If food is not digested properly it passes into the large bowel where it is fermented by bacteria causing wind and bloating.


In a healthy person, the digestive processes are extremely efficient, with about 90% of the carbohydrate, fat and protein being digested into their component parts in time to be absorbed (2).

Digestion begins in the mouth, where food is crushed, mashed and mixed with saliva. Saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which is involved in the breakdown of starch into simple sugars. The chewed food is then swallowed and propelled down the oesophagus via peristaltic waves. Once in the stomach, the food is thoroughly mixed together and gastric acid and enzymes begin to digest protein. As the ingested food becomes liquified, the pylorus valve relaxes, allowing the thick liquid mass (or chyme) to pass into the small intestine. Once there, the material is changed to a slightly alkaline pH by bile and pancreatic juices, which contain various enzymes and emulsifying agents. As the enzymes do their job, smaller and smaller chemical fragments are liberated from the digestive soup and are absorbed into the bloodstream


The final stage of digestion is where watery material not previously digested enters the large intestine. Water is reabsorbed from the material as it slowly passes through the colon. The colon is home to a large number of bacteria, which along with fat and indigestible fibre constitute the bulk of the faeces. The final step of the digestive process is defaecation achieved by the voluntary contraction of the anal sphincter muscle



If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking any supplements

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